Hairy was the first auction rescue for us. He stood tied with some hay and a broken auto-waterer when I first saw him. It didn't matter though, as he was clearly not interested in food or water. We even thought he might be blind, as he didn't bat an eye when we walked up to him. He was extremely thin and - as his new name would later describe - very hairy! He just stood there as we looked him over. He was alive but disengaged with the world around him. It was obvious that his will to live was dwindling. I loved him immediately. He was old and would never be rehabilitated into a show or lesson horse again, but to me Hairy was the very definition of a rescue in need. I made up my mind then and there that he was coming back to New Hampshire with us. 

Once home it took a few days to get him to eat anything. Before we rescued him I truly believe that Hairy had given up. After a few days of pelleted feed, hay cubes and stretcher, and sweet feed his eyes slowly began to light back up. He began to eat and gain weight. We had the vet come to the farm to check his age and his health (25 - 30 years old when he came to us). He also had a bad case of cushings disease which caused his coat to grow long without shedding out. 

We had Hairy for 7 wonderful months before he recently passed over the rainbow bridge on the last day of 2014. Though our time was too short (as it always is) we are so thankful for the time that we did have, and for everything that Hairy taught us. He lived as full a life as he could have in his last few months and in the end he experienced the love of a family and not the fear of a slaughter factory. He died peacefully of old age, on his terms, in his way, at his time. We should all be so lucky.

loved him from the moment I saw him and I will never forget everything that he has done for us at the rescue. I am so happy that we saved him and showed him the love that he without a doubt deserved.

Thank you Hairy, we will miss you dearly.

Before Photos:

After Photos: