As the horses come back to life, the barns at Hidden Pond Farm are dying. Every dime we raise goes to the rescue and care of our horses— hay and grain, medicine and supplements, veterinary visits, and farrier trims. As time passes, the barns have fallen into serious disrepair. Roofs are peeling and leaking, wood panels are rotting, stall doors are broken. We are backed against a crumbling wall. Horses and volunteers need a safe, dry environment to live and work. Without a new structure, we can’t continue to rescue horses and bring them to Hidden Pond Farm.

Our Plan

We have a plan: to install three sets of pre-fabricated shed rows from Horizon Structures that will house 12 horses, plus a 12’ x 24’ run-in shed that will house an additional 4 horses. These solid structures are delivered already built. We supply site preparation, electricity, and plumbing. Our goal is to move the horses in by winter 2017.

How You Can Help

We need $70,000 for the new structures. Help us raise a new barn without hammering a single nail! Your donation is completely tax-deductible and every dollar counts.


New Barns: